Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Unit Studies the Jewish way

This thematically based approach to teaching is a very versatile tool for educating in a home environment. It allows for integration of many disciplines and ideas. It can be adopted for students of various ages studying the same subject. By learning about something from many different angles and in depth it can create a greater impact on the student and lead to in depth understanding of the subject at hand. The possibilities are really infinite. One can use anything of interest as a starting point and branch out further and further in one's explorations. So one can pick a subject of interest and then relate it to art, math, science, history, etc. Our sages teach us that everything is in the Torah. It never ceases to delight me of how every possible subject can be taught and learned through the prism of the Torah. It's not surprising because Torah describes the essence of reality. So the Torah has something to say on medicine, ecology, music, mathematics, art, science, community and urban planning, psychology, history, geography, etc . So here is a great link to innernet with a myriad of articles on all these various subjects.


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