Monday, July 6, 2009

Confessions of a book junkie

I love books. In fact I am convinced that one can never have too many good books in the house. Computers are nice but there is nothing like sharing a great book with a child or reading one in general. There is the excitement of the search, the anticipation, the actual reading and then sharing your thoughts and reactions, etc. So much pleasure from such a seemingly simple activity. I consider books and related book activities one of the main ways to teach and learn things with your children that is also very easy on the parent in terms of preparation aside from the time investment. The possibilities are almost infinite. Of course you have to prescreen for content and illustration suitability. The benefits of reading to and with children are well documented. All good education approaches have good books at their base. It's a great way to encourage language development, increase vocabulary, learn about myriads of subjects, practice communication and other life skills and of course spend quality time together. I get excited just thinking about it.
Here are a few links for good children's book sites for ideas of what's out there.
FUN Books


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