Friday, May 25, 2012

These days

There is so much to write and so little time to write it in, so I decided to do this post a la Soulemama style.

These days I am :
- bouncing two fat mostly smiley babies
- chasing an almost two year old who thinks there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING he cannot do
-enjoying the sight of happy children with wind blown hair on their bicycles, scooters and other riding implements or swinging or sitting on a fence
-appreciating having a husband who comes along for the ride in all our educational adventures, even though it's hard for him and he has many other things he would rather be doing, but does it anyway because he believes it's important
-contemplating the law of conservation of messes in our home, where the mess is neither created or destroyed but only changes in form despite my best efforts
-observing interesting and beautiful birds, plants and flowers all around me and realizing how even the most common of them is incredibly beautiful
-making yogurt, sourdough bread and kombucha, still being amazed at how simple they are to make and how miraculous these processes are ( I have to write a separate post or posts on the subject)and being inspired to do more of these DIY projects
-rethinking various food preparations and how to streamline them, also revisiting some topics I was interested in years ago like once a month cooking and dusting off some old books and to help with the above
-dreaming of growing something in our real life garden but also of some ideal future gardens, edible forests, etc.  Spending many happy hours browsing through gardening books, making lists and learning about different plants.
-looking forward to a lighter, less regimented learning schedule
-thinking of yom tov cooking and creative challah baking, decorated for shavuos
-hoping and praying for better days in the Land of Israel that I love. Days with no Arab violence against the Jews.  Days of building instead of destruction.  Days without lies and misinformation.  The end of injustices towards the Jewish people and politically motivated decision making. For our leaders to have the wisdom and courage to do the right thing  and for the actualization of living our life as a nation in our land as G-d has intended when He gave us the Torah
-wishing you all a happy and meaningful Shavuos


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