Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Keeping your eye on the goal

What is the goal of education? What are we trying to accomplish? In hebrew the word for education is chinuch which literally translated means dedication. We dedicate our children's education to the Higher goals, set out by G-d in His Torah. The point of jewish education is to raise good Jews, mentschen, holy and pure people. The goal is to help our children actualize their potential, build on their strengths and help them overcome their weaknesses. The goal is to build character. It is to imbue them with our timeless values. The goal is not to produce geniuses but to raise human beings who love, value and actively pursue learning, each in accordance with his talents and capabilities. It is to help them push forward when necessary and to let go and allow room to grow when necessary. It means appreciating the children we have not the ones we wish we had ( to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld). Home education is uniquely suited to achieve these goals.


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