Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Say, what is the meaning of this?

My name is Regina Grinberg and I live in Israel with my husband and 4 children ranging in age from 6.5 to 1. In this blog I would like to present the ideas, thoughts and resources on the subject of Jewish education in accordance with Torah true Judaism. I am passionate about education in general but especially about the parents' role in the education of their own children. In our times when so many things are outsourced, I am a firm believer that our children's education shouldn't be. More so I believe that it's the parents privilege and perhaps even an obligation to educate their children. Schools can provide the skills but the parents provide the moral upbringing and the soul of the education. I've been researching this for a number of years and was surprised to find that in the mountains of the resources available, there is a derth of materials available online and otherwise, geared specifically and appropriate for the religious jewish public when it comes to teaching general subjects. So I decided to try and fill the gap by sharing my findings in the hope that they might be useful and make home education accessible to all parents. To me home education doesn't necessarily equal homeschooling but home learning, where children and parents learn and grow together in the context of the family with or without formal schooling. I hope to expound on this more later in greater detail. Education is a very all encompassing pursuit and I hope you will join me in this trully exhilarating and important journey.


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