Thursday, September 1, 2011

And so it goes - more on Israel

There is no doubt that today Israel finds itself in a rather complicated position but again this is something that has been going on ever since the inception of the modern State of Israel in one form or another.  And so it goes.  Rockets continue to be launched as Southern Israel, many terror attacks are attempted and mercifully many are prevented.  The Egyption border is no longer a border of peace and Israel has to deal with that, in addition to other security concerns, such as Hamas and Hizbullah continuously expanding their deadly weapons arsenals (while the world and the international bodies that claim to be responsible for not allowing the above, turn a blind eye), intelligence reports seem to confirm that many Libyan weapons are now flowing into Gaza.  On the diplomatic front, the PA is determined to go to the UN to unilaterally proclaim their independent state on Israel's sovereign territory, a state they could have had through negotiations many times over had they not chosen war every time.  Anyone who is trully knowledgible about the Arab-Israeli conflict after all these years of futile attempts at reaching an agreement, if he or she is honest, will realize that the problem for the Arabs is not so much the lack of a Palestinian state but the existence of the Jewish one, which the Arab side cannot abide in any borders.  Hence the conflict is not a territorial one as many would like to see it, but a religious one and therefore cannot be and hasn't been resolved by endless (and very damaging to Israel) concessions.  Add into this the falsehoods and distortions, delegitimization attempts and just plain viciousness addressed towards Israel these days and it's not a pretty picture.  Here is a great video posted by Anne of Anne's Opinion here, which sheds some historical and legal perspective on the situation here.

Also, here is another insightful article by Barry Rubin about the misunderstanding of the situation by the Middle East pundits and such and another here by David Warren on the same topic more or less.  And another one here by Dennie Praeger refuting the apartheid lie about Israel.   There are many clear thinking people out there, stating the truth, one can really scream this from the roof tops until one is blue in the face, the question is will anybody care or listen or do anything about it?  It's so much easier to follow the crowd, the path of least resistance, even if it's false and immoral.  It take courage to stand up to evil and injustice.  And so it goes.  We have survived and thrived in this volatile and often dangerous region with G-d's help against all odds until now and with G-d's help we will continue to do so, even after this September:) "The Guardian of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps!" There is no reason to give in to panic and here is a very astute post by Daniel Greenfield on the subject of media induced panics.


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