Friday, September 9, 2011

The goings on

In many ways this has been a very good week but in many ways it has made me realize that many things still need to be adjusted.  We got all the basics done as I have hoped but not much beyond that.  There was a lot of frustration and irritability on my part.  The kids were somewhat cooperative at least for some of the time.  There were a few times that made me question whether I like how things are set up right now with regards to our learning schedule.  Mostly, I felt that somehow despite trying not to, we were overscheduled, things took longer than expected, the material wasn't quite as appealing as I would have hoped, etc.  So I have some thinking to do as to how to make it better for next week.  On the bright side, I got to spend some individual time with many of the kids this week, which was very nice.  We made a nice birthday party for the eight year old.  The 3.5 year old has really come into her own this week, doing projects and just being very sweet and carefree and childlike and dancing her way through her days. The 14 month old is very charming and keeps me very busy with his toddler needs.  I got more supplies for the older boys.  I decided to spend a little more and get them things that will hopefully make doing their work more attractive.  I did a lot of reading up on various CM and other homeschooling topics of interest.  I've added many living book possibilities to my ongoing list of potential books to get.  I've found more interesting and creative art projects for us to try and for me to post one of these days:) We finally signed up for the membership at the local library.  It is small but it looks like they have a lot of classics, so that should keep us occupied for a while.  We did have lots of free and creative play this week.  There was also some squabbling and whining that tends to drive me batty more often than not.  As for academics, geography has been by far the most enjoyed subject around here this week. The boys really liked all the map skills sheets we've been doing.  I'll need to round up more interesting stuff along the same lines for next week.  We did manage to squeeze in a paper marbeling art project using shaving cream and food coloring.  It was  a successful project but very messy, definitely requiring that the parent supervising it, not be tired and irritable:)  But I think the kids really enjoyed it so we really have to fit in more of these into our week.  I do wish we would have more time just to read together, sigh.  Sometimes, I really long for simpler, less structured, less pressured days of early childhood.  But, I do appreciate the advantages and challenges of teaching older children, it just requires a whole lot more patience and understanding on my part:)  They are making good progress, though each one has areas where he needs extra work.  And so it went.  I hope next week will be less stressful, that I'll have a better lesson schedule for us, that we will have more time to slow down and do the extras I so much wanted to get to this week.  I really need to work on being more loving and less critical despite the extreme physical exhaustion which is an integral part of my current reality.  I need to relax a little bit and let things be.  Thank G-d, may good things are happening,  I am grateful I get to spend time with my children doing this,  I think even with a somewhat rocky beginning, this has been a growing experience for all of us.  So, G-d willing, we press on forward.


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