Monday, August 24, 2009

Child's play

It was a beautiful end of summer day. The breeze caressed my face as I relaxed in an easy chair attempting to read a book. I was surrounded by beautiful green plants interspersed now and then with bright colored flowers. Behind me was a to die for gorgeous hilly view so common to where I live. My little people buzzed around me like bees. They were swinging and rolling and rocking and running and scooting. The big smiles, the bickering about turns, the endless requests for something every 30 seconds on average competed with my futile attempts to read. I helped this one, took care of that one, comforted that one and for what felt like a millionth time told this one to say please and that one to say sorry if he did something wrong, to be considerate and generally act with derech eretz. In the end things got a bit too rowdy and we had to disband and go inside for supper. And yet it was exactly the kind of thing that childhood memories are made of. The nice weather, lovely view and just spending time together on a regular after school afternoon. There is such sweetness in just watching them play and interact, try out new things or practice old ones. The childish abandon, unbridled happiness of swinging away or hanging upside down or climbing or performing some heart stopping (for the adults present) stunts. It's so wonderful to see them grow up and watch the wonder on their faces when they encounter the beauty in nature. To see them watch other children play or look at the antics of the neighbor's puppy or kitten. To realize how each one's personality shines in such different ways. As the seasons change and as they change and as I change, I can only pray that we should only be blessed with more such joy as I was feeling on this late August afternoon.


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