Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To link or not to link that is the question

I am always on a look out for interesting information that relates to parenting, education, crafting, etc. And Heaven knows, it's a big and exciting world out there and there is certainly a lot available thanks to the internet. But here is the rub, the vast majority of what's available is often not 100% appropriate for a jewish person. For example, a lot of information on almost any type of homeschooling has a decidedly Christian slant to it and if it's not very christian than it often is ubersecular, where the person tries to completely divest himself of anything even remotely smacking of religion, with the result once again not really appropriate for a religious jew or any jew really. So I try to avoid linking to sites which heavily fall into one or the other of the above mentioned extremes. However, being that the vast majority of the world is not jewish it obviously often espouses a worldview that is not always congruent with the Torah worldview. Our sages teach that there is a lot of wisdom among the nations that we could learn from as long as we don't go out there looking for moral guidance. That, we should be getting from the Torah and in fact providing the world with that moral guidance not the other way around. But getting back to my linking dilemma. I try to provide links to the sites and information that are appropriate and relevant and interesting to jewish parents, which is why I started this blog to begin with. It is possible however that there might be some christian or pagan or secular content on the site I am linking to in general but the information I am highlighting is independent of that content. To paraphrase I think Thomas Jefferson, the price of holiness (and freedom) is eternal vigilance.


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