Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rosh Hashana Reflections

It's been quite a busy week and still there is a lot to do before Rosh Hashana arrives tomorrow night. I think I could use another few weeks of Elul:) Baking honey and apple cakes and thinking about holiday menues meshes with thoughts of tshuva and what is really at stake. The list of all the people and things to pray for is quite long. General reflection is so necessary but so difficult when we are so caught up in the business of living. I just read a beautiful thought from Rabbi Lazer Brody, thet there is no double jeopardy in the Heavenly court, if we take the time to judge ourselves and commit to necessary changes there is no need for the Heaven to impose it on us from above. Elul is a special time of love, when Hashem so to speak comes down to us and it makes tshuva more accessible. After Rosh Hashana it's more like a King sitting on His throne so the relationship is a little different. We have to seize the day. We all have our struggles, we all have needs, we all know people who need something be it shiduchim, parnassah, children, help raising the children in the right way. We all know people or of people who were here last Rosh Hashana but are no longer in this world today. There is a lot to pray for on the personal and national front. So let's use what remains of Elul wisely. Hashem should grant us all a sweet, healthy, prosperous and peaceful year. Shana Tova U 'mevorechet, may we finally see the geula shleima b'karov!!!


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