Monday, October 18, 2010


I have a thing for blackboards.  I just love them.  It seems to me that many children share this love of blackboards if it's not associated with anything painful or unpleasant.  It has many educational possibilities for children young and old.  I used to have one and then we moved and I had to leave it behind due to its' bulk and impracticality of transporting it across the ocean.  But I continued to dream of having a blackboard and we have improvised with whiteboards or writing with dry erase markers on windows and glass doors.  I thought of making blackboard paint for a project and dedicating a wall or a some other suitable surface to blackboard design.  But in the end I discovered  another blackboard possibility-  Chalkboard paper.  It is kind of like a glorified contact paper but it's not bulky and easily removable from some surfaces and so I installed a piece on the back of one of our doors so it can be both in and out of sight.  It was already put to good use by many of the kids.  As I said blackboards and colored chalk are very exciting, as is  the look of a clean and fresh, newly erased board, temptingly so,  I might add.   So here is a link for some things that a blackboard could be used for.  Enjoy!!!


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