Saturday, October 23, 2010

If I heard it, they meant ME

I just heard a remarkable thought from Rabbi Shimshon Pincus of blessed memory.  There is a story in the Talmud of two rabbis who were very poor and they decided to leave their studies and travel overseas to try and improve their economic situation. As they were traveling one of them heard the angels speaking.  One angel was saying that these men should perish for they value material pursuits over spiritual. The second angel said that they should be spared because one will become an outstanding scholar.  So one man turned to his friend and asked whether he heard something and his friend answered in the negative, from which he deduced that they must have been speaking about him.  So he turned around and went back to his studies and indeed became very great.   So says R' Pincus, if sometimes we are struck by a message or something in life seems to speak directly at us even though no one else seems to hear, it's because it was meant for us.  Let us take these messages to heart and run with them.  Shavua Tov, have a good and enlightening week!!!


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