Sunday, June 26, 2011

A very brief update

We are still trying to catch our breath from this move.  It's been very difficult, at times excruciatingly so but we are trying to regain our equilibrium and hoping that all current problems will be resolved and make us stronger.  The kids are very happy though.  They love the big yard and are making lots of friends.  We took a break from organized learning for a while but now we are trying to ease our way back into a learning routine.  Otherwise, the children have been busy playing and observing the new surroundings, we already had cats and birds visit our new domain, but mostly they spend a lot of time doing what each one loves to do, one reads, one dreams of building clubhouses and spends a lot of time out of doors, one makes up dances, one digs in the dirt, one crawls around and tries to get into everything.  It looks like children are pretty much impervious to the turmoil and stress around them as long is their personal space and inner world is at peace.  So that gives me hope and helps me get through less than perfect and difficult days. 


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