Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Peace" in our time

Things are heating up in Israel's south.  On Thursday, we had a multi-pronged terror attack near Eilat with casualties, mostly civilians, it was well planned and coordinated and aimed not only to cause mass casualties and maim as many as possible, but apparently was meant to include kidnapping of Israelis.  Since then there has been a barrage of rockets on Israel Southern cities, again with casualties and property damage not to mention the psychological trauma even if there wouldn't be any casualties, etc.  This is what peace with the Palestinians looks like and the "international community" wishes us to have more of the same.  The condemnations from abroad if and when they materialized were anemic as usual. Clearly missile attacks on Jewish civilians are neither an obstacle to peace nor against international law according to these hypocrites, who waste no time issuing a plethora of condemnations when Jews even think of building anything on their own soil.  These rockets attacks are often completely ignored by the Western media or glossed over briefly while they spend disproportionate time reporting the Israeli response conveniently "forgetting" to mention why Israel had to respond in the first place, instead presenting Israeli attack in a vacuum as if Israel was the aggressor.   See here and here. Much has been written on the subject so I won't continue here.   There is no substitute for real security and there is no substitute for real deterrence and there is no substitute for real peace.  We don't need anybody's fantasies, gadgets only help that much, enough illusions already.  We can't afford to delude ourselves. Time will tell how this will play out but Heaven spare us from a peace like this. May G-d bless us with true and lasting peace soon!


  1. Thank you for linking to me Regina. You wrote exactly what I feel in a much more succinct manner.

  2. Thanks, Anne. I am glad I discovered your blog.