Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunny, with a chance of rocket fire

I've been computerless for a while, hence no blocks of time to write anything much.  Plenty of time to read though.  Not having a working computer has its advantages, it's quite liberating really.  Meanwhile, in Israel, rockets continue to rain down on Southern Israel, sometimes more, sometimes less.  The international media is not too keen on reporting it though.  All that, despite two ceasefire announcements by Arab terrorists.  As someone very astutely remarked once, that ceasefire to these people means that  we cease  and they fire.  So things are following the usual pattern -  Israel is endlessly urged to show restraint while at least a million Israelis are subjected to rocket fire, false moral equivalency abounds between random attacks on innocent civilians and defensive strikes in response, etc, etc. .   Nobody here is deluding themselves, today it is the South and tomorrow it could be the rest of Israel.  The other day, I took the kids to an outdoor carnival of sorts, right next to the carnival there was a booth where they were handing out gas masks.  The home front command has been issuing instructions of what to do in case of a rocket attack.  I reviewed them with the children so that, G-d forbid, if it should become necessary they would know what to do.  We have air raid practice drills a few times a year.  Sinai is a mess.  Mubarak was no saint, but there was a cold peace with Egypt maintained throughout his tenure.  All that is history now, and relying on Egypt to maintain security on the Egyptian/Gaza border is like hiring a fox to guard the hen house.  As it turned out the Egyptians were very much involved in the Eilat terror attack and its aftermath.   The PA makes no secret of their genocidal aspirations, refuses to recognize Israel as a Jewish state,  denies Jewish connection to the land of Israel, has repeatedly abrogated all previous agreements with Israel, etc, etc, etc.  The world continues to look the other way, or aids and abets them.  All of this is nothing new, everything follows the predictable pattern.  But we Jews are resilient people, thank G-d, we continue to build and strive forward and make the world a better place even under fire.  We don't rely on our enemies' or fake friends' tender mercies.  History has taught us otherwise.  If someone continues  to threaten us with extinction and denying us all basic rights we take them at their word.  We will continue to defend ourselves with G-d's help, much like in the past.  The ways things are looking these days  we might need a replay of the Six Day War and this time not relinquish anything for false promises of peace.   As I wrote many times before, it's a good things that G-d runs this world and not the politicians and in the end of the day there will be justice and there will be peace on His terms.  So despite all the tumult and craziness  we are not worried.  G-d told Abraham that those that bless you will be blessed and those that curse you will be cursed.  I just hope that people will choose well. 


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