Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feeling crafty?

Every now and then, I feel this itch to make something.  The internet is full of great projects.  There are really too many to try but here are a few interesting ones.
Mobiles and Wind chimes - a collection of very creative crafts from Crafty Crow, I am particularly taken with the xylophone wind chime idea.
Young Craftsman - a vintage collection of over 400 projects form Popular Mechanics, very cool stuff.
Here is a what looks like a very neat t-shirt dying craft idea, there is more good science stuff there as well.
This link is not craft related, but it's for very nice english grammar learning program and I think one can use this program with books of one's choosing, using the examples of the kind of questions that are asked. Thanks to Frugalhomeschooling blog where I've been discovering lots of good links.


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