Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The many lessons of weather

I was talking to someone the other day and was telling her that the weather this winter has really been erratic. It keeps switching between summer and winter and spring. So that got me thinking that there are many life lessons one can learn from this kind of weather. Sometimes there are long stretches when the weather is the same everyday. Just like in life, sometimes it seems that things are just monotonous, every day is exactly the same as the one before. Nothing much happens things kind of drift along. But if one looks carefully one would realize that really there is no such thing as sameness, every day has some small treasures and joys to offer no matter how humdrum. Imperceptibly day by day things happen and change. Also, sometimes one looks out the window and there seems to be just sun bleached brown yellow scenery on the horizon and then even after a short period of rainfall suddenly one notices that everything is suddenly alive again, there is green grass coming up everywhere and new plants peaking out out of the earth. So too in life sometimes one feels all dried out, nothing feels inspirational or one just doesn't seem to be getting anywhere with one's plans and aspirations and suddenly something suddenly appears like a surprise rainstorm and all of a sudden things are happening and growing and developing like you wouldn't believe. It works like that in education too, sometimes you try to teach something but it doesn't go, you try and try and then something happens and things click into place and suddenly there is unbelievable movement and growth and progress. So it goes, sometimes things are smooth the skies are cloudless and it's sunny and sometimes it can be grey or even black and fill one with fear and foreboding but then suddenly the sun appears again and all is joy and light and serenity. I love just watching the skies with all different kinds of clouds on any given day, with birds soaring above our heads or rushing off to somewhere. I love the new growth coming through and the old more mature brown look. I like the stillness and the blue grey skies before the rain. And it is nice to have so much sunny weather even though I wouldn't mind an occasional snowstorm which is what I grew up with. Really any weather has its' own gifts to offer, its' own lessons to teach if one is open enough to see them.


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