Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The goings on

The weather has temporarily flipped back to summer, but they are promising cooler temperatures and yay!!! rain. Thanks to the rainfall we had this far, new green growth has been detected in the yard, much to everyone's delight. We've been busy with the usual things plus visits by the in and out of the country relatives, always really nice. I got some rolls of gold leaf paper very cheaply, I think a cast off from some publishing company that used it for book embellishment. The kids had a real ball with it. You color or write on one side of it and whatever it is comes out on the bottom paper in gold. We've been doing a lot of reading. We have discovered a new or rather old British story series called My Naughty Little Sister, it was old-fashioned, very cute and wholesome. Just the way I like children books to be. We really enjoyed it, I hope we can get more from the same series. I've been unable to do as much writing as I'd like. But what can you do, sometimes life forces one to slow down. We've been playing and cuddling and learning some new things. I've been rereading various parenting books I have, I read a few great novels. We've been dealing with various minor domestic crises such as leaks and other exciting things like that. The other day my husband said, that the peeling paint on one of the walls came off in a pattern that looks very much like a really long dog, maybe a greyhound. Once he pointed that out to me, I must say that my attitude towards that particular wall ornament has softened tremendously. It's all in the eye of the beholder I guess. I've been finding lots of projects I'd like to get to some day but until then we are very much busy with the business of normal living. Much like this somewhat rambling post, a little bit of a lot of things.


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