Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The winter of our contentment

At last winter has arrived.  The long awaited for rains are finally here.  I love rain and I love winter.  I love grey.  I love the contemplative mood that this kind of weather always inspires in me.  I love the ethereal grey white light that seems to fill the world during winter.  It's nice to be safe and warm inside with the winds howling and the rain beating against the window panes.  It's nice to put on the warm winter clothes. To bundle up everyone in their winter regalia. I love fat little legs in tights.  I love the cheeky  faces peeking out of hats and hoods. To read books together and do indoor things.  The smell of rain and winter always gets me somewhat nostalgic.  It brings back so many sweet memories.  Waking up as a child and looking through a frosted window to see the world all covered in white.  The fall leaves.  The new begginning of another school year.  Going to class. Looking through library stacks.  Being lost in a book and in my dreams. Going home to a nice warm home in the end of the day. Walking through the dark, wet , sparkly streets.  Starting out our married life.  Our first apartment.  Setting up shop.  And on and on. Oh that smell of late fall and winter.  But I digress.  In Israel there is really no fall as such, we kind of go from summer straight into winter, which makes it even more special for me. Rain is a sign of blessing and it's a good time to pray for all our needs.  Torah is also often compared to water.   We could all use more blessing in our lives and we all need physical and spiritual sustanance.  So here is to the winter of our contentment. 


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