Friday, February 11, 2011

More goings on

It's been a very busy week and we are all trying to relax back to equilibrium.  We are enjoying the new crop of books we just got.  I'll try to post more on that later.  But it always warms my heart to see a child pick up and study carefully one of the books I left out for them to find.  I guess the butter was a success,  I've gotten request for a repeat performance from the four year old.  She asked for some and when I told her we didn't currently have any, she nonchalantly suggested that I could make some more.  I've been contemplating all kinds of random things from sprouting, to emergency food/water storage,  making scented sugar with different kinds of herbs.  I was planning on writing about all of the above this week but life interfered:)  So stay tuned.  The kids always surprise me, be it with perceptive observations,  original questions or just going from fighting to happy cooperation and down right kindness to each other.  Suddenly everyone is into baseball or building and playing with Legos.  Today I found the three year old sitting on the couch and going through book after book - art, gardening, poetry- commenting all along.  The baby is becoming  much more interactive much to everyone's delight.  The three year old very generously offered to share her prized bracelet with him, but he was loath to give it up once her generosity expired.  The eight year old is developing quite a sense of humor in his old age.  The seven year old wants to learn to knit. And so it goes together with lots of messes and run away dough and temperamental plumbing and lots and lots of happiness.  Hopefully will post something more intelligent and educational next week.


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