Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More interesting food links and ideas

This time I was looking for a healthy halva recipe.  We like halva and sesame is supposed to be really good for you.  What I don't like is all this sugar and corn syrup that is in there in the commercial version.  And as much as I like our dentist, who is a wonderful man and can make any horrifying procedure sound acceptable to even a three years old, all the cavities and root canals do not make my heart sing with joy.  So I found a few contenders here and here.  I'd like to experiment with the first one and maybe replace the sugar with xylitol and see what happens.   At the second here, there are also wonderful recipes for ice cream like concoctions from bananas, avacado and blueberries, purple cabbage sour kraut, making apple cider vinegar from apple scraps and cores and more.  Coincidence?  I think not.  Something tells me, that my getting this family (especially all the kids with teeth problems) to eat healthier, just might come to some fruition. And while we are on the subject of halva and other Middle Eastern food here is an interesting article on the health benefits of rose water.  And a great cough remedy from my husband's grandmother is to boil a few dried figs in a few cups of milk and then drink the resulting beverage, delicious and healthy.  Another one for coughs that my kids like, also using the fruits Israel is known for, is to mix 1 teaspoon of honey into 1 cup of grape juice and drink up.  So this has been your health food update from the Land flowing with milk and honey( figs are also on the list of fruits that the Land of Israel is known for and the rose water and halva are both very popular here).


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