Friday, February 25, 2011

Pictorial Jewish Learning for kids

Here is an interesting site I just found that has online modules with printable pictures for teaching children halacha(Jewish law) and mussar(ethical teachings).  There are a few categories one could choose from - daily halachos, bircas hamazon( grace after meals), shmiras halashon(guarding one's speech), making shabbos, iggeres haramban(Nachmanide's ethical directive to his son), pirkei avos(Ethics of the fathers).  Each section has a coloring page and a brief explanation, which one can amend or expand upon.  Note:  The halacha is only according to some authorities, so if one follows a different opinion, one can adjust the information accordingly.  It's also important to differentiate for the child what constitutes actual halacha and what constitutes a minhag(custom).  One can also buy these little books in a printable form.  So lots of great information, plus lots of Jewish coloring pages, divided into short segments suitable for children of different ages. sounds promising.


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