Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Paper and Cardboard Dollhouse furniture

Just like one could never make too many dollhouses, one could never make too much dollhouse furniture and when it could be made with thrifty, easily available materials, it really doesn't get better than this for those that enjoy these types of projects.  So it's time to hold on to all those cardboard boxes or make some out of available cardboard.  Here is a fantastic link with all kinds of old fashioned dollhouse related ideas, as well as crepe paper costumes one could make, just in time for Purim.  The dollhouse furniture from boxes is amazing.  ( I love these old books from the When Mother Lets Us series). I am thinking, that one could probably make it out of bigger boxes for the child-sized versions. It's probably a good way to teach furniture constuction and design as well.  Very, very exciting, creative, educational and frugal to boot!!!  Enjoy!
Here is another link for some more paper furniture inspiration.


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