Monday, February 28, 2011

Why accept the unacceptable?

One of my pet peeves is the ease with which some people give up these days.  Phrases like "Well,that's how things are today",  "this is just how kids today act, talk, dress, whatever", "you can't fight it", "you will just have to accept", "you have to be realistic", just get my blood boiling.  Is there really a reason to be discouraged and accept things that one deems unacceptable just because someone decided that there is no reason to fight against something?  Sure one has to be realistic but one also has to actively shape one's reality.  Especially, when it comes to our children's education and transmitting our values to the next generation.  Why buy into the scaremongering and the propaganda?  Why become a willing victim of herd mentality? Why shortchange ourselves and our children?  Whether on personal or on national levels.  We are the children of Avraham(Abraham) for crying out loud!   Yes, the one who stood to one side while the rest of the world stood to the other (sounds familiar?), the one who was strong in his faith and  persevered in his idealism and taught mankind a thing or two.  We have to have convictions and stand by them and translate them into reality.  This is not some impossible pipe dream that some make it out to be, this is who we are at our very essence.  We have to learn from the  history of the Jewish people.  There are myriads upon myriads of examples of people succeeding in doing just that, with G-d help.  Yes it's hard, very hard and it takes lots of faith, courage and perseverance, but it doesn't make it impossible. So why give up without even trying?


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