Monday, November 8, 2010

The goings on

Today was one of those days.  The type that surprises you.  I didn't have such great expectations.  I was totally ZONKED.  And then things just started happening. I baked with the kids, always a favorite around here.  We made bagels and peanut butter cookies and everyone participated and  there was surprisingly little fighting and a whole lot of enjoyment.  Then we tried to figure out how to use a photoaltering thing my mother sent me.  It didn't work but the kids found the idea intriguing anyway.  Then we went on a little bus trip with the kids.  Bus trips are always exciting and traveling in Israel is always such a joy for me.  The scenery was out of this world and it felt that everything around us was just sparkling and glittering and shining.  It was a nice start to Kislev, almost like passing through a giant menorah.  We also passed through Modi'in, which of course figures prominently in the Chanuka story.  Then we checked out an interior of a shul designed by an artist we all like.  Spent some time with family.  Enjoyed the ride back home, while talking about the months and the holiday sequence with the four year old, exchanging jokes and just talking with the kids.  Then quick supper and the kids actually went to sleep without major hocus pocusing because they were just so tired.  I then spent a whole lot of time sifting through various educational sites and links, some of which I hope to share soon and some I still need to assess for suitability. So there you go, a dream day of home learning straight from heaven.  In one fell swoop, language arts, nature study, history, art and architecture appreciation, practical skills, social studies and family togetherness.  Some days are just like this:)


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