Wednesday, November 3, 2010


"I am not available to play with her right now", said the four year old.  "I know I said she can take a bath with me, but now I want to be alone, I changed my mind.  And I don't like this water".  "I am a big girl now, I need an office to work and play in", said the almost three year old.  "I need to take karate, all the kids in my class take karate, do you want me to be the weakest kid in the class?", said the eight year old.
"Is this how you do a push up? He kicked me first, what? I could just sit here and watch the army cars all day" said the seven year old.  "Could you kids lower the volume on that piano.  And could you maybe keep your room a little neater, you are certainly old enough to handle some responsibility.  This is not how we treat other human beings, especially not our siblings.  And this is certainly not how we speak to parents", said the mother. Sigh, teenagers.


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