Monday, November 22, 2010

Surgery in the living room

The kids are into medical games lately.  They play hospital, push each other  in strollers/wheelchairs, make crutches out of wood, sticks and tape and constantly put on casts on each other.  The other day I found the two and a half year old with red marker lines all over her stomach.  She informed me that her brother was giving her a surgery.  A whole lot of toilet paper has been sacrificed as bandages, all in the name of science I guess.  Then again, the aforementioned 2.5 year old and her 4 year old sister were spotted busily cutting white electrical tape and then proceeded to wrap it around their doll's heads and arms, more surgery and broken bones they say.  Masking tape followed the fate similar to that of the above toilet paper.  But besides being cute, interestingly they are all quite fascinated by anatomy and have been since they were little, we read books on the subject, discussed what circulation and other such terminology means, talked about nutrition, medicinal herbs, home remedies, etc.  Looks like we've got science going on here, just as I was about to write how I haven't been doing too much organized science with them pretty much ever and I should really remedy(pun intended) this situation somehow.  I forget sometimes that all children are naturally scientific in an organic sort of way. They like to play and tinker with things and discover for themselves how things work and fit together.  So at least at this stage of their development I don't really have to worry too much about organized science, Observing nature, baking, water play, gardening activities, bird, animal and sky watching and just living, supplies more than enough material to introduce children to most branches of science.


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