Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Listen to your messages

Everything in life is a message or a lesson, if one is listening that is:)  I was feeling kind of under the weather between minor and major issues on personal and national and even meteorological fronts.   Things were just getting to me,  I just couldn't snap out of it.  I just needed some kind of a message from Above, to help me through this bump.  And then it happened.  First, smack in the middle of the sunny skies a little rain cloud appeared.  We desperately need rain here, they even started to say the emergency rain prayers here today and the chief rabbinate called for a fast, that's how dry things have been here.  So this was like a Divine smile, a little flutter of hope, for things to get better.  Then suddenly a song popped into my head, I probably haven't sang this particular tune in years, but the message was so timely, I felt like a stone has rolled off my chest.  Things will work out, it will be good. So here is the song.  Roughly translated:  I was young and have grown old, and I've never seen a righteous person abandoned and his offspring be in want of bread.  G-d  will give strength to His nation, G-d will bless His people with peace.  So there you go, it pays to listen to your messages, in whatever form they happen to arrive.


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