Thursday, November 18, 2010

Israel on my mind

As I go through my day, taking care of this and that , a  part of me keeps thinking about what they call here, the matzav, the current situation. It's like being in the eye of the storm, while it's quiet and peaceful inside, on the outside there are violent, dark forces raging. Israel, my home, the land that I love so so much.  The land which we are told is acquired with hardship, like Torah and the World to Come, because it transcends the here and now and takes one to a whole different dimension. This land that has been designed to help us grow spiritually.  Here one can feel and see G-d's hand if one would only bother to look.  When I look outside my window or go anywhere here, I am walking in a place where everything is saturated with Jewish history.  I feel myself connect with my nation's glorious past, present and future in a way that is almost difficult to describe in words.  When I first came here, I knew that I would never feel at home anywhere else, wouldn't want to be or raise my children anywhere else, except here in our G-d given, holy, beautiful, special, out of this world piece of land.  So while the furor and the vultures' screeches  continue around us, here we are, carrying on the journey that our forefathers have started long ago, despite the wounds and the pain, carrying on in the face of adversity from within and without, carrying on what we were entrusted to do here, continuing the chain, the tradition.   "Let not my enemies rejoice, for as I sit in the darkness, G-d is my light".  The storm will blow over with all its fury and we'll pick up the pieces, if we have to, and move on into the light that is surely there around the bend.


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