Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A really full plate

There always seems to be a lot going on here even when there isn't anything going on. The baby is growing out of his bassinet and is beginning to turn over and is in general quite interactive to everyone's delight.  The almost 3 year old  can't stop pulling and rolling and cuddling up to him,  the four year old and the seven year old help take care of him by supplying a passifier, bringing a diaper, a friendly word and random kisses.  And the eight year old has endless conversations with him, where he supplies both sides of conversation, the baby's in baby speak.  Today I found him serenading the baby about the former's virtues to the tune of " I made a little dreidel", how about that for poetry and music ?  We've been busy with random chanukah crafts.  I made muffins with craisins that disappeared almost instantly.  I went and got some little presents for kids as a special chanukah treat.  I really don't want this to be about presents, so we keep it very simple - books, food treats, small presents like pens, keychains, little toys, little notebooks, stickers and such.  Everyone is very excitied about chanukah, I got individual menorahs for all the children old enough to appreciate it. I am  helping plan the food for the shul party.  The kids are still playing wedding, especially the girls, today they needed to put on pretend nail polish, so I filled an old vitamin bottle with water and gave out thin pain brushes and they happily put on their "nail polish", there were a few more wedding "emergencies" that had to be resolved.  I got a pileful of new books  to read from the local book g'mach, very exciting.  I've read lots of interesting educational stuff which I'll have to write about later.  I've thought of and forgotten various post ideas and then remembered them again to be written up some day when I'll have more time and be less susceptible to sleep deprivation induced amnesia.  We fit in some multiplication between doing other things, read stories, distributed and redistributed books, played, resolved conflicts, achieved some truces and made a valiant attempt to stay evenkeeled despite our at times chaotic and fast paced life.  My plate is certainly and wonderfully and overflowingly full right now, thank G-d.


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