Thursday, January 27, 2011

Embracing frugality as a value

Frugal living is one of my favorite topics to read and ruminate about.  I've been reading various frugal tips lately and it got me thinking about frugality as a value.  Besides the obvious financial benefits, frugality, especially the voluntary kind is a good educational tool as well.  When we live a frugal life, we teach our children resourcefulness, creativity, the ability to enjoy what one has and to be happy with simple things, among others.  But the most important lesson and gift of frugal living is that a truly frugal person doesn't have his identity intertwined with and defined by his possessions, which in turn helps him overcome possible peer pressure in that regard and be able to develop himself without this nowadays common hindrance.  So I really think that one should embrace frugality as a value.  It's good for the soul, not just the pocketbook.   Here is a great website I just discovered, full of wonderful frugal tips, wherever one might find oneself on the frugality spectrum.


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