Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For those that like to color on walls

When we just moved in into our current apartment.  One day I found my then three year old, happily coloring on the wall.  I asked him what he was doing and why and he replied that he was just pretending to be a painter.  There is usually a method to their madness, I discovered.  So for those that like to color on walls, painters or otherwise, here are some wall and kids' room decorating inspirations.  It's really amazing what one can do with a little paint, cardboard and an active imagination. I think this could work as a family project, bigger kids long-term project or bigger kids/parents making something for younger kids.  I think something like this would be a bit too much for me, at this stage in life, but you never know:)
Blackboard Wall Make-A-Scene - I like this one and it looks pretty simple to do, one might even be able to pull this off using contact paper or fabric for some of it.
A House and Street Playscape - lots of interesting and useful ideas here, implementing even some of these, would be enough to make it exciting for the kids.
A Really Snazzy Closet to Playhouse Project - this is a somewhat  involved project, but I like the general idea of turning what you already have into something new and exciting.
Another Closet/Playhouse - an easier to make one.


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