Thursday, January 6, 2011

A thank you note

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the things that need to get done and all the things  I would like to get done.  My brain is overflowing with ideas for this and that.  The voice inside my head just keeps on going with its' never ending prompts of "you should've" and  "why didn't you" and "when will you already" and "will it ever"  or "will they ever".  But there is also another quieter voice there that broadcasts a different message.  That voice says that "Look, they are happy, they like to learn, they are nice to each other a lot of the time, they are growing in so many ways, they are not spoilt, they want the right things, the house is reasonably clean, the meals are usually served more or less on schedule, all that, despite the tiredness, the burnout, the never ending litany of the other voice, the world is full of great ideas, of inspiration, of many books yet to be read, of new discoveries to be made, of new heights to be reached.  So when this happy voice makes itself heard I feel content and confident that I am walking the right path and so very thankful to the One who makes it all possible and all the ones that serve as his emissaries to deliver all the messages I need to hear and the lessons I have to learn.  Then, my eyes open up to all the beautiful things that go on each day, all the little steps in the right direction, all the glorious gifts that sometimes go unnoticed in the humdrum moments of living.  So here is to a thankful living!!!
As I was contemplating this post, I read this beautiful article expressing similiar sentiments linked to  Enjoy!!!


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