Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The goings on

"Mommy, what brocha do you make on being scared?".  This and many more questions from the four year old.  I could barely keep up with her.  She is really on the go with everything.  We are making some progress with the alef-beis. We have been doing a lot of different math lately, mostly drill, but also some geometry like perimeter and area, alternating with written and oral depending on the day.  We've done some writing practice.  Handwritings do seem to be improving. has some really great worksheets for math and other things and is useful for drill. We watched some deer outside and discussed deer habits. Looked at how things are made book and read about energy and such.  We could see the effects of rain as everything is beginning to turn green.  We talk about water conservation.  The almost three year old will now be the three year old and everyone has been busily planning for her birthday party.  I had to put some breaks on the grand ideas for the birthday bash.  But the kids made some cards and decorations and colored pictures for her birthday book.  We made a little Tu b'shvat project. There is still a lot of pretend and dress-up games going on.   The boys are into singing lately, so there is al ot of music and singing along.  We listened to some classical music.  We are rediscovering some of the old book favorites that the younger set is now ready for. There is constant running around and lots of ball playing and occasional bike riding. There were various minor health issues, bruises and scrapes and bumps. We now have a  play/family room where before was a guestroom/office/dump everything room. Everyone is very excited about it and it does seem to help keeping everything more organized. It's a very pleasant room where everyone seems to like being.  It needs work but even as is it's already good. There were the usual discussions on current events, history, etc. Overall, things have been somewhat hectic with everyone behaving accordingly. I am hoping we can get some more projecting done, once it calms down.   I need to get more reading material for the older kids and in general do some more relaxing activities like baking or gardening.  I am just really tired but tired or not, learning takes place anyway and hopefully things will get better.


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