Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The goings on

Winter has come to Israel at last.  We've had some much needed rains to everyone's delight, but the sudden colder weather has us all under the weather, complete with sniffles, coughs, etc.  Apparently, the cold has effectively clugged up my brain as well with a major writer's block, where I have a hard time writing even with a long list of things I was hoping to write about this week in front of me. Sigh.  On the bright side, the eight year old had a eureka moment, where he finally realized that he knows how to read in english quite well, as I've been telling him for months, all to no avail. But now he is very excited to put his "newly" acquired skill to practice and get better at it.  The four year old is convinced she knows how to read because she can recite quite a few books from memory, which she does with great enthusiasm to the just as enthusiastic seven months old.  The three year old had been horsing around and giving all her siblings a run for their money.  But often I find her snuggled up with a book in various places around the house.  She too goes around quoting from stories, books and songs she's heard.  The seven years old has been doing his work nicely and really feels accomplished whenever he finishes something  completely or does something well.  I've been hoping for this for a while, so that's quite nice to see him self motivated to do things well.  His math and writing are progressing nicely but english reading needs major work.  I am looking into some new approaches for him.  The seven moths old is starting to sit up, something he really enjoys.  I've discovered that onion juice drops are a great remedy for ear aches and everyone, even those without ear aches enjoyed warming their ears up with baked onion leaves wrapped in napkins.  There has been a lot of imaginative play, singing, dancing, reading.   We watched some how things are made videos online.  There has been a lot of acting out and complaining, having exhausted their good behavior quotas and having exhausted parents and needing some extra excitement, I guess.  I've been reading a lot, thinking a lot, fantasizing about all the projects I'd like to have done had I not been sick, enjoyed practicing my new picture taking techniques.  Things have not been as orderly as I would've like but, to my surprise, I cooked and baked, so thankfully the food situation was good, despite colds, tiredness and needy children.    It's amazing to see how everything is turning green here, even with sporadic rainfall.  And it's nice to see the kids blossom and get things, after a lot of hard work, doubts and false starts, to really see that things are progressing, even if ever so slowly.  It really gives one hope and motivation to keep on going, even on the days where everything goes kerplop.


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