Monday, January 17, 2011

Teaching children

Today was the usual maelstrom of running around, playing, reading, cooking, baking, answering questions, etc. We actually managed to do a project together, a table setting place mat, everyone was very enthusiastic.  I am seeing a new dynamic more and more, of bigger children taking care of and helping the smaller ones.  Today they, the bigger and more experienced ones, decided to take it to a whole new level.  They decided they want to teach the younger ones things.  They said it will still be like game but they will also learn real things.  So the older one was busy organizing some folders, copying worksheets, etc.  He lamented that he would really like to have some sort of a guide on how to teach the young ones.  I volunteered my expertise.  So there was a whole lot of activity going on, a lot of blackboard erasing, contemplation by the novice teachers on how to handle behavioral issues and how to teach students  at different  levels of knowledge and skill.   But it got me thinking.  It seems that kids not only have a natural propensity to learn things provided a conducive environment but they also seem to have a natural propensity to share what they've learned with someone.  Whether by spontaneous narration, as a performing art (for willing and unwilling audiences) or in play.   It looks like both teaching and learning are part of this organic whole, woven into the fabric of family living.  Interesting!


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