Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Child-friendly gardens and other fantastic backyard ideas

I've been so busy with my baby lately that there has been little time for almost anything else including gardening activities.  Ironically,  the whole pregnancy with this particular little one, I couldn't get beautiful gardens out of my mind. I'd go to sleep dreaming of how to make our wild backyard more beautiful, read endless gardening books and articles. This year however, I just didn't get to do much in the yard at all.  But I'd really like to do some gardening stuff with the kids soon, before it  gets too hot and it would be really wonderful to get it into better shape so the kids could do more out there.
So here is a great article from on how to make your garden more child friendly with lots of fantastic ideas and links.
I was also quite taken with the idea of making a giant backyard game board as part of one's yard's landscape. So here is a link for a backyard scrabble board and another one here.  It doesn't have to be scrabble only though, here is an example of backyard chess. Definitely a lot of scope for imagination and gardening inspiration here.


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