Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mishloach Manos Revisited or More Purim Links and Ideas

We got started with our Purim preparations here last week and the kids are all excited to do some baking this coming week.  I am not entirely decided on the theme, but an extra batch of hamentashen or other baked goods can't hurt either way. Tonight,when the electricity conked out for a little while and I was looking up at all those brilliant stars in the black sky, I got some more ideas.  How about a midnight snack theme or perhaps old-fashioned  foods (sitting in the candlelight is responsible for this one) or maybe something that has to do with light(l'yehudin haisa ora), so one can do light foods or... The truth be told where I live, it's very common to send just the two required foods, people are certainly very creative if they want to be but in a simple not out to impress anyone kind of way.  So I'll have to settle on something soon and meanwhile we shall bake, it's one of everyone's favorite activities anyhow.  There are also the costumes we have to attend to.  But just for inspiration, here are a few mishloach manos links..
Frugal and Creative Mishloach Manos ideas from Kosher on  a Budget
Mishloach manos themes and ideas from
Lots of really original ideas from Chouhound
More eco-friendly and economical options
Some general mishloach manos tips from Rivka Slatkin of


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