Saturday, March 26, 2011

The goings on

There has been a lot of informal learning in the past couple of weeks, lots of great discussions, reading, listening to music, singing, playing, etc. but we really need to get back to the formal part as well, if only to get the kids back into a routine.  In general, it feels like everyone has been completely discombobulated by not having had a regular schedule (we try to keep to a flexible routine so everyone has some idea of what to expect on any given day) for any serious length of time between Purim activities and family visiting from the States and maybe just picking up the vibes due to tension from the renewed wave of terror, it seems like the parents are completely worn out and all the kids acting out together or separately a whole lot lately.  I have so many links that I need to post and so many projects to do with the kids and so much other stuff that needs to be done and soon.  So for the upcoming week I think that we really need to work on just trying to have sense of normalcy, if we could still remember how and gently pick up all the pieces and try to ease everyone, especially those having a hard time with transitions, into a better and more productive mood. G-d willing tomorrow is another day.  Wishing you all a good and uplifting week!


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