Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An ode to ebooks

Living in Israel, I don't always have an easy or fast access to educational materials in english. So ebooks come in very handy as a quick way to gain access to the information that could be useful in our educational endeavors.  Also, if one does one's research, one can find good quality materials which are created by parents or teachers who have hands-on experience, love the subject matter and put it all together in a tidy and often inexpensive package for one's learning pleasure.  A lot of these have printable worksheets and such, which can be useful for multiple children. I've been looking through some things on currclick.com and I must say that there seem to be lots of rather promising possibilities from copywork aids, writing programs, science unit studies, geography and living math among others.  There is even a preview option so one can take a look at what's inside.  So here is another advantage of living in the age of technological innovation. 


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