Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The goings on

A Jerusalem View
More from the same Jerusalem trip
The three year old was banging on the piano with great glee ," I am playing the Turkish March", she informed me.    It's been this kind of a week, some of the time we are banging and thinking it's the Turkish March and some of the time we think we are just banging on the keys but in reality something quite special is taking place.  Over all we are getting back on track with many things.  The house has been put back together to some extent, for now and I've implemented some of my newest organizational ideas to make things less cluttered.  So far so good.  I made the Tuscan sourdough bread from The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews, it was a success and was approved even by the picky eaters, thank G-d. I'll play around with the recipe more next time, now that I know what to expect. The baked fries with tomatoes from the same book turned out very well also.   Some of the book finds from last week's book sale were great like the above cookbook and some I already threw out in disgust.    I hate profanity, even if the author has something useful and informative to say, it gets completely ruined by foul language.  Oh well.  Kids have been busy with lots of imaginary games, dress up, etc. but they are also trying to learn to jump rope, play ping pong and I am endlessly reminding someone that there is no ball playing in the house:)  We read a lot of stories.  I got some supplies so we could get started with our Purim preparations.  The kids are all enjoying Gadi Pollaks Purimshpiel Megilla.  So we talked about various Purim related topics.  The four year old was comparing the illustrations in different Megillas, she is quite an expert.  We enjoyed looking at family pictures.  We went on a trip to Yerushalayim (Jerusalem).  It was wonderful and exciting and tiring.  Going and being there is always such a joy! We took  a lot of pictures.  I am really trigger happy when it comes to phtographing beautiful landscapes here.  Israel is gorgeous in all seasons.  We watched the birds and  spotted a flock of sheep in the hills.   I got some really sweet little books for baby, Tiny Treasury, 15 small first word books with really lovely illustrations in a beautiful box, again enjoyed by everyone in the family.  I read up on lots of interesting things like making farmer cheese and kefir and variations thereof, frugal tips, lots of crafts and activities and aliyah experiences. A lot of musing and dreaming and thinking going on.  It's been a busy week this far.  As always, parents have to have their own educational adventures so that kids can have their's.


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