Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On the homefront

I finally got my wish this year and made costumes at home for the boys. They wanted to be pirates, so I whipped up some pirate outfits, made tunics and sashes and bandanas from various exciting things in my crafting stash and with their father's shirts and socks with masking tape stripes, they made quite good looking pirates, even if I must say so myself.  The girls have their princess dresses (their choice), even though the three year old  keeps insisting that it's her ballerina costume.  We still have so small accents to take care of for maximum effect but the costumes are happily taken care of for this year:)  We took pictures in costumes and played dress up too. We tried out a new Hamentashen recipe, which was pronounced a success and then speedily declared to be a Rosh Hodesh treat, so it looks like the junior bakers will have to produce a second batch for mishloach manos.  They decided this is their baking week anyhow, so I don't think anyone will object.  Regular lessons were put aside for a few days.  Turns out we'll be having quite a few visitors from overseas soon.  We have a few social engagements to look forward to.  I read some inspiring Purim thoughts in Rabbi Yisroel Miller's A Gift for Yom Tov. And so we welcomed Adar II.  May it be a trully joyous and miraculous one like in the days of yore!!!


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