Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On light and inspiration

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Chanukah is my favorite holiday. I love the menorahs, the oil, the glass boxes to protect the lights from the wind.   I love watching the flickering flames light up the night.  It always makes me think of family and children and home. It makes me think of courage, courage to stand up to evil, courage to fight for what is right against all odds, courage to lead a holy, meaningful life, courage to march to a different drumbeat than the rest of the world.   It makes me think of history and love for G-d, His Torah and His land.  It makes me think of miracles of then and miracles of now.  It makes me think of brotherhood and unity.  It makes me think of  the Divine love that is there even in the darkest hour, like a little light warming one's heart.  I love being surrounded by lights wherever I go.  It reminds me that what we share is bigger and stronger than what divides us.  It's not the parties, the food or the presents that make it so beautiful.  It's the light - brilliant and eternal. Wishing everyone a happy Chanukah, full of light and inspiration!!!


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