Friday, April 8, 2011

Another day in Israel

Today a  neighbour knocked at my door.  She was asked to pass along a message to pray for Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar. She said he is a son of the relatives of someone we both know.  There's been another bombing in the south.  The extent of his injuries are unknown.  I feel my heart drop, as the usual mixture of terrible saddness, pain, dread and anxiety envelops me.  Also anger.  A little later, more details emerge.  The boy is in critical condition, an anti-tank missle deliberately shot at a schoolbus.  Again, the enemy deliberately goes after our children.  I wasn't expecting much outrage from the world out there. There wasn't much, as expected.  Another neighbour knocked at my door.  They are organizing Tehilim(Psalms) because of the terror attack.  My friend assigns me some prokim(chapters) to say.  Uncannily they are all about justice and G-d paying back our enemies, about faith, about love, about return of the Jews to Zion, about G-d's protection, about redemption and joy and song at the end of the road.  I didn't have to write it, King David wrote it with holy inspiration long ago.  It is a great comfort to me.  Another sweet reminder from Upstairs.  The Guardian of Israel neither slumers nor sleeps.  It also reminds me that those are all the lessons contained in the Pesach Hagaddah.  It's Nissan, the month of the Geula and all the spiritual forces are at work to bring us to that place.  May it come speedily and with mercy! Another day in Israel.


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