Monday, April 4, 2011

Some great resources for geography, spelling, grammar and more

This is shaping up to be a resource sharing week even though I didn't quite plan it that way. But I came across lots of great stuff in my browsing adventures of the last couple of days.  So here they are.
Some really great geography activities - 3 years worth of geography club activities from the National Council for Geographic Education.  Obviously these can prove to be useful in your own home geography club.  I took a look at a few of suggested activities and I really liked what I saw.
If you are the type who likes to design your own curriculum rather than buy  a ready made one.  I read about a series of Design-a-study guides by Kathryn Stout that covers many subjects such as spelling, composition, math, history and science for a wide range of ages.  So I was very excited to discover that quite a large portion of each of these is available for viewing on Google Books here.
For some grammar inspiration here are six grades worth of printale workbooks from Scott Foresman Reading.
DIY Writing Curriculum - some guidance on how to teach good writing.

Naturally all of the above just lead you to more interesting links and ideas.  Happy learning !


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