Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pesach coloring pages

Mercifully the printer has regained its' equilibrium and so here are a few links for some great Pesach coloring pages that we enjoyed.  The kids were all excited and got to work with their crayons, pastels and watercolor pencils.  These are the links to the best Pesach coloring pages that I've found.
Here are three links to coloring pages from, and Torah Tots.  And here are some really wonderful coloring pages from Akhla that my kids really liked.  Also, here are some more Hagaddah coloring pages plus some rhymes to explain what's happening.  Just right to keep the kids occupied in between the cleaning and shopping, etc. One can also work in some discussions on relevant subjects while the kids are coloring or before or after - history, the meaning of different parts of the Seder, Divine Providence vs. free choice, Antisemitism,  ancient Egypt, etc. Enjoy!


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