Saturday, April 2, 2011

A promising math curriculum - Math Mammoth

I think I finally found a math curriculum that I like -  I was looking for something that was child-friendly, rigorous, followed a logical progression, was challenging enough and had enough drill without going overboard, wasn't too gimicky, included a lot of mental math and wasn't too expensive.  I know, a long list.  From what I've seen so far Math Mammoth is all of the above and more.  There are plenty of sample pages and more information on each individual module on  I read quite a few favorable reviews.  Some characterized it as happy cross between the best of Singapore Math and Saxon Math.  It also reminds me of Jump math in  its' approach of breaking things down to small understandable steps leading up to complete mastery of a concept.  The curriculum is available in downloadable, affordable individual modules or one could get a complete curriculum.  It's also available in book form.  There are free sample worksheets that one could get for signing up to the site's newsletter.  I am very excited about finding this now, as I was looking for something that will require less assembly time from me without sacrificing the quality.  G-d really sends one things when they are needed.   Hope to use this in the coming week.


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