Saturday, April 16, 2011

The goings on

We've been very busy with all the Pesach preparations.  Despite all the chaos and stress, we did have quite a few great family times.  There was a lot of free and imaginative play in between all the cleaning and they even fit a mock wedding in, don't ask.  Academically, we've gotten more on track lately.  The boys are doing very well with the Italics Beautiful Handwriting for Children.  The kids never cease to amaze me, the almost nine year old, who had such a hard time in the past with all things hand-eye coordination related is doing really well and is even motivating himself to move into cursive sooner and then on to calligraphy, thank G-d.  I am very happy with the Math Mammoth worksheets that we are using for math, the kids seem to like them and are understanding and applying the concepts taught.  I bought some student electrical circuit kits.  The boys really enjoyed those, especially the almost nine years old who has discovered his technological/mechanical side lately.  I am hoping to encourage that.  The boys went to the zoo.  They are making progress in their reading as well.  There were lots of discussions about the current events.  Geography is very much part of our daily lives as things come up.  We also had some discussions about various medical matters, mostly terror attack inspired, sigh.  I am hoping to do more formal stuff with the younger set after the holidays.  We had a good coloring session but we were just too busy for anything more involved on the project front.  I am hoping once the holiday is over there will be more time for things like that.  I'd really like to do some drawing lessons with the crew as well.  I feel with everything that is going on personally and nationally, I am constantly in a state of emotional overload.  I am very tired but the kids give me many reasons to smile every day, G-d bless them.  We made some really hilarious home videos of our baby in his jumper thing bouncing up and down to everyone's encouragement. I am sure we'll be playing around more with that.  I love the fact that one can really fit in so much learning even when short on time, even in a course of a very busy life.  I am looking forward to Pesach and right now trying not to get too overwhelmed with everything.  We are having some family visits over the  next week and everyone is very excited.  The kids got a few small things in a shekel store, as well as some new clothes.  I am pleased that it is so simple to make them happy and that all things considered they are really a sweet and unspoiled bunch, B"H.  Chag Kasher v'Someach to all !  I am not sure how much I'll be posting till after Pesach!


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