Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Food adventures

I like to experiment in the kitchen.  So here are two latest ones.  Experiment number one was polenta.  I've been wanting to try it out forever.  Healthy, simple and frugal, what could be better? It came out very good.  The problem was that only my four year old and I were enthusiastic about it.  Everyone else didn't care for the look, texture, etc.  So no more  polenta for now.  Then there was experiment number two.  I am not a soda fan.  Chemicals, coloring agents and too much sugar are not my idea of a food staple.  But I saw a recipe that used yeast to fizz up a homemade concoction.  So if only for the scientific thrill, I had to try it out.  To my surprise it worked out very well as far as science and as far as taste, it was a runaway success with the kids this past Shabbos.  So I'd like to play around more with different flavors for a repeat performance.  Meanwhile there is a whole list of frugal and healthy and exotic recipes I am itching to try at http://www.pennilessparenting.com/search/label/recipes  like the injeras -Ethiopean flatbread or the beet kvass or the various chicken soup variations.  I am definitely looking forward to more experiments, what with all the flour I need to use up before Pesach and then there is Pesach itself, where some creativity in the kitchen might come in handy.

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  1. Wait - I don't see a link to the "soda" experiment!!
    As for polenta, I adore it - plain, fried with maple syrup, as a meal with roasted root veggies; whatever. But half or maybe 3/4 of the kids don't really like it very much. Dh will eat it, but doesn't really love it either. I still stick it on the menu sometimes, though...