Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Prayer for Daniel

Yesterday I took the big boys shopping for some clothes and shoes for Pesach.  It was really nice to spend some time with just the two big ones and we were successfull in our quest and B"H found everything we needed fairly easily and the boys were happy and we were all in high spirits.  The shopping center was bustling with all the holiday shoppers and lots of kids were around with one parent or older sibling supervising and keeping the young ones out of the house so all the necessary preparations could take place at home.  So we entered a local clothing store and got to work trying to find a right sized suit for my oldest and then it happened.  There was a sound of a  loud explosion outside.  For a moment everything stopped as tense and worried faces turned towards the door and listened. There was a question mark on every face! Then not hearing any screams or ambulance sirens everyone breathed in relief and returned to the task at hand.  Perhaps it was just a construction related blast or maybe a chefetz chashud (a suspicious object) or...   Thank G-d, a false alarm.  But a week ago when an anti-tank missle slammed into a schoolbus it was no false alarm.  Minutes before the bus driver let off the last of his charges and then it was just him and the son of his family friends, whom he was giving a ride to.  Daniel, 16 was just going to visit his grandmother before the holiday, it was vacation after all.  He never made it there.  Today he is in a deep coma, his condition is extremely grave, having sustained heavy trauma to his head and the rest of his body, there is nothing else modern medicine can do for him.  In short, Daniel needs a miracle.  Daniel is my neighbour's son, his family lives on my block.  This whole week there are many prayers and tehilim being said for him. We all check for updates on his condition.  His family has asked the public here and abroad to pray for their son and do things as a merit for his complete recovery.  So please pray for Rafael Daniel  Ariyeh ben Tamar.  May the same G-d that performed miracles for the Jewish people when he saved us and took us out of Egypt, perform another one and restore Daniel to full health and may it be a truly joyous and miraculous holiday for us all, without it being marred by anguish and pain and terror.


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